söndag 25 januari 2015


Yesterday was FNSI with Wendy and all the girls in blogland. Thank you Wendy for organising us all.

I finished my Christmas stitchery which is the January work for the Stitch-A-Long I've joined this year. We're going to make the Natures Journey by Anni Downs. I hope I'll get my pattern next week! The stitchery is a free pattern by Anni Downs.

tisdag 13 januari 2015

Taking the pledge

I Carin will try my utmost...
·        To always swap on time.
·        To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
·        To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
·        To give my partner the quality of gift that I would like to receive.
·        To communicate when it’s required.
·        To NEVER over commit and let a partner down.
·        To advise the swap mama when I receive my gift.

This I sewomly pledge....

If you want to know more about it and maybe take the pledge yourself go and check it out at Cherylls blog.

måndag 12 januari 2015

Friday night

As I told you it was FNwF and I did some knitting on my Ursula cardigan by Kate Davies. I don't know why but it has turned into a UFO because I haven't worked on it since August!
Thanks Cheryll for having us all over! Do you want  to see what everyone was working on, go check it out HERE.
Before that I went to the stable. I have to show you a photo of Misty, she really enjoys her bite of apple. Do you see her tongue? She can be like that for a long time, sucking on the apple like a baby taking the bottle, and she makes that sound too!

fredag 9 januari 2015

Gorgeous gifts and FNwF!

I told you I had got a parcel from the lovely Cheryll, the best swap mama ever, and here it is!
I got it because I missed out on the Mini I was supposed to get from someone that didn't send it or replied to the emails from me or Cheryll. I just hope nothing has happened to her!
Back to the gifts. The Mini is perfect, just what I like, a day at the beach in Summer. A beautiful calender for the new year with a different bird for every month and a fabric with cockatoos on it. I love birds you know!
Thank you so much Cheryll, I love it all!

And tonight Cheryll is hosting FNwF, go HERE if you want to read about it and maybe even sign up for it!

onsdag 24 december 2014

Merry Christmas

to all my family and friends out there!

söndag 21 december 2014


For the last time this year Wendy organised FNSI for us all, and there was 48 people who signed up. Go check them all out HERE! Thanks Wendy for having us all over, and I'm looking forward to all the fun next year!

I can't show very much of what I did sew, it's that time of the year you know, but here's a sneek peek for you.
One thing I can show is the advent calender which was ready and delivered on the 1st of December.
I haven't been doing much in x-stitching over the last couple of years so this was fun but a big project to do in just over a month. It looks really sweet and Henning loves it!
These are my childrens advent calendars that my mother made for them when they were growing up!
Next time I'll show you a wonderful gift I've got from the lovely Cheryll! You can sign up for a Valentine swap at her blog also.

måndag 24 november 2014

Working hard

Friday night I spent with Wendy for the FNSI. Thanks Wendy for having us all over!
At the moment I'm working hard on the cross-stitch.
I've done some more work after the photo was taken so there's only the numbers left....and ....the dreaded back stitches, I find them so boring to do on cross-stitches but I know they make a lot of difference in the picture. One more week until I have to deliver it.

måndag 10 november 2014


There was 47 of us gathering over at Cheryll's Friday night. Check out what everyone else was making HERE.
I started in the afternoon and actually finished this toilet case for my DS2 who had his birthday on Friday, but he didn't come home from school until Saturday afternoon because there was an open day for the public on Saturday. The case is made out of his old jeans.
Earlier in the week I gave away 3 scarves I've knitted in a strange pom-pom yarn, to the annual church auction. I hope there will be quite a few that likes and bid a lot at them.

torsdag 6 november 2014

Mini from Lynn

I got my last Mini for the year a couple of weeks ago and finally you can see it here!
Lynn made it for me and it is beautiful!
It came along with a sweet card and a bag with gift tags and bag toppers she had designed and printed herself. Go check it out HERE and you can print out your owns, she has also made an owly Christmassy gift tag that are super cute!
Thank you so much Lynn, I love it all!
And a big Thank you to Cheryll for organising a great swap for us!

It's sign up time for FNwF over at Cheryll's. Yes it's the greatest swap mama I just told you about. Go there and sign up for it you too and play along with the rest of us on Friday night!

fredag 24 oktober 2014

A week, or was it a second

Last Friday I joined Wendy for FNSI, Thanks Wendy for having us all over! I worked on my cross-stitch, in about a month it has to be finished. (help!) Also worked on some squares for the work-shop I'm giving.

This weekend I'm off to a sewing retreat with Sprätthönsen at Fegens vandrarhem.
It's my first time and I'm so looking forward to it!
I'll even try to use my camera so perhaps you'll see some pics next week. Now just to figure out what to bring with me.

Today was a very chilly day at 6 degrees with a nasty wind, otherwise October has been warm and comfortable. Wednesday I was out walking in the woods, before the rain started in the evening, and got some lovely photos.

onsdag 8 oktober 2014

Mini swap

The theme for the last 12" Mini swap for the year was Embroidery.
I made one for Florence and now that she has got it I can show it to you.
I also made her a pin cushion and a coaster. I'm so happy she liked it all!
Many thanks to Cheryll for organising the swap for us!

Monday I was preparing for a workshop I was holding in the evening, I was teaching how to make granny squares. So had to have something to show, and made a small pouch using granny squares. I now keep my crochet hooks in it.

måndag 6 oktober 2014

My weekend starting with FNwF

Friday night I was sewing with a lot of cyber friends, thanks to Cheryll! If you want to see what all the others were up to, go HERE.

I worked on my stitchery and some socks for a little girl, I think I need to work a lot on that stitchery if I will have it ready in time. I started it a month ago HERE.
On saturday I continued to work on the socks and finished them off. I think they're really cute.
We've had a couple of very nice days here, almost summer at least in the sun without any wind. This was my Sunday morning.